Any OTR rim for Forklift, Earthmover, Industrial & Agricultural Machinery, Heavy Duty Trailer, Crane, any other special projects.

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EJS is the first wheel manufacturing company located in Turkey in 1950's by Ahmet Musubeyli, father of today's CEO Sinan Musubeyli. It is running in Eskisehir, Turkey by keeping its status as family run SME.


Up to now, EJS has produced wheel rims for various vehicles including automobiles and commercial vehicles, buses, lorries, agricultural trailers, constructional machineries, forklifts, etc. Mainly OTR wheel rims. Today, 75% of the products are for constructional machineries, earthmovers, agricultural machineries and harvesters.


One of the key characteristics is flexiblity. EJS has focused on tailor-made project based solutions for its customers, especially  for industrial and agricultural applications and heavy duty demands by competitiveness and quality.


By sending a sample or drawing or giving information about your requirements, you can request quotation.

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