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Company has been established in 1950's by Ahmet Musubeyli as a workshop at the beginning and as a factory in the following years. First market was agricultural trailers required on those days thanks to the first imported tractors.  By time, wheel rims for automobiles, forklifts, tractors, etc. have been produced by flexibility and customer focused manufacturing.

1958 Eskisehir Industrial Exhibition

In 1958, during Prime Minister Adnan Menderes is visiting EJS's booth. Ahmet Musubeyli, the founder, is on the left looking back also in the picture below on the left in the same event.



1958 National Newspaper Hurriyet

The same event is on one of the top circulated national newspapers.

Automobile Devrim - Wheel Supplier

EJS is the wheel rim supplier of Devrim Project, one of the most successful R&D projects of Turkey. Within the project, in 4.5 months, design and production of four prototypes were completed.

Still running prototype is being exhibited in Eskisehir, in Tulomsas, Locomotive & Engine Industry Inc.  Pictures from Devrim Project official web site

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